Terra Exploration Group specializes in providing simple solutions to extraordinary geophysical survey needs such as
locating caves and tunnels, underground water, mineral deposits, and even buried caches in difficult terrains or hard
to reach locations. Our extensive field experience has helped us to refine and simplify complicated technologies
such as Electrical Resistivy Tomography (ERT), Pulse Induction Metal Detection, Ground Penetrating Radar, and
even Satellite based NMR and MRT Imaging Remote Survey Technologies.
ERT : Electrical Resistivity Tomography

ERT is a tried and true process where metal probes are put into the ground and an electrical
current is passed between them. Depending on the resistance the current receives as it
travels underground, you can determine the presence of anomalies such as caves or tunnels,
water, mineral deposits, or buried metals such as a tank, pipe line, or even a treasure cache
at depths to 300 feet or more.
Ground Penetrating Radar :
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Deep Metal Detection :

Pulse Induction Metal detection technology has seen considerable and exciting advances in
the last few years. We  use the most advanced detectors on the market today such as the
Lorenz DeepMax...