Terra Exploration Group uses the latest and most advanced technologies such as remote aerial surveys, on-site
electrical resistivity tomography, magnetic gradiometry, and state of the art metal detection to locate subterranean
targets of interest such as mineral deposits, caves or tunnels, lost mines, and buried or sunken treasure at extreme
Remote Surveys:   

emote aireal surveys using a multitude of advanced technologies can be done basically
anywhere in the world without having to actually set foot on the site. This potentially gives
us the ability to first confirm or deny the presence of  targets of interest before conducting
time consuming and more costly ground surveys.
Electrical Resistivity Tomography

ERT is a process where metal probes are put into the ground and an electrical current is
passed between them underground. Depending on the resistance the current receives, we are
able to determine the presence of caves or tunnels, water, or buried metals such as a treasure
cache at depths to 300 feet or more.
Advanced Metal Detection :

Metal detection technology has seen considerable and exciting advances in the last few
years. We  use the most advanced detectors on the market today such as the DRS Ground
Exper and the Lorenz DeepMax...

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Magnetic Gradiometry :

Magnetic gradiometry is the measurement of variations in the magnetic field due to gravity.
It is used to measure the density of the subsurface, effectively the rate of change of the soil
properties. With this information, it is possible to build a picture of subsurface anomalies
such as caves or tunnels, mineral deposits, water, or buried metals.