EZ Mag Pro

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The EZ MAG PRO 2D/3D Fluxgate Magnetometer was specifically designed and developed for archaeologists, civil engineers, mineral prospectors, and treasure hunters to define subterranean anomalies that are invisible to the naked eye.

Magnetometers are devices widely used in geophysical and archeological surveys for measuring the Earth's magnetic field with the purpose of detecting subsurface magnetic anomalies such as walls, foundations, and graves, or mineral deposits, veins, and ore bodies. Magnetometers can also be used to find buried caches and treasures.


Technical data:

Sensors 2, 1-axis digital sensors Built-in

Processor Microcontroller 8-bit RISC-based Microcontroller.

Rechargeable battery(10 pcs pack) Type Ni-MH (10-AAA-1.2v)

Performance 1000 mAh 12V Internal operating voltage 5,0V Battery run-time 48 hours

Charging time 3 h with mains adapter

Charger Input voltage 240/110V Charging current 2,4 -12 V

Dimensions and weight of probe:

Length - 93 cm (extended) 65 cm (collapsed)

Total dimensions (L/W/H) 65/15/20 cm

Weight – 1kg

Storage temperature -20° to + 60°C

Working temperature -10° to + 50°C

Relative humidity 5-95%, non-condensing, non immersible in liquids

Notifications - LED indicators (operation, Bluetooth connection)


Android OS tablet:

7-inch Android tablet with Bluetooth for data transfer

Frequency band 2.4GHz ISM band (multichannel)

Transmission rate (air) 2Mbps

Maximum Bluetooth range outdoors - Approx. 10 m

Operating system Android 4.4.2 or newer

Internal storage - 8GB, RAM – 2GB

EZ MAG PRO Manual and Quick Start Guide

Tablet leather case, screen protector

Leather protective bag, cardboard transport box for the whole equipment.

Object detection up to a depth of 10 m

Built-in gyroscope - elimination of measurement errors

Highest resolution of 2Dx3D scan images

Bluetooth connection for tablet

Lightweight and very robust construction of carbon fiber collapsible stick

A complete system for immediate use

Simple and easy to use software

Multi-language user interface

Operating time of Device: 8 hours / per charge

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