EZ Pulse Pro

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The EZ Pulse Pro uses a non-motion Pulse Induction System. Short and intensive magnetic pulses are emitted by means of a search coil. Those magnetic pulses produce electrical eddy currents in conducting metallic objects. Eddy currents will be stored in a metallic object but will quickly die away after the magnetic pulse emitted by the search coil has ended. The eddy currents and their time delay are read by the receiving phase by the search coil which now acts as a receiving coil. The received signal is amplified to drive an audio response via built-in loudspeaker or headphones when a metallic object is within the field of the search coil.

Eddy currents produced in a metal object by means of the high intensity pulsed primary field will die away at different rates depending on the conductivity of the metallic object encountered. The EZ Pulse Pro meter gives a visual indication for the strength of the eddy currents received. In addition, a ferrous/non- ferrous indication is given for a detected metallic object.

EZ Pulse Pro is a professional treasure and relic hunting metal detector designed primarily to detect deeply buried metal objects. Small targets, such as coins and nuggets can also be found by lowering the “Trash” setting.

The EZ Pulse Pro Smart System can discriminate between ferrous and non-ferrous metals and can significantly reduce the negative effects of power line and other electrical interference.

EZ Pulse Pro is an advanced pulse induction metal detector, with newly developed full range "automatic ground balance" and trash reject/control with powerful performance based on state-of-the-art sophisticated electronics and firmware.

EZ Pulse Pro offers remarkable stability, sensitivity and accuracy that is achieved with the use of very simple and intuitive settings. The detector provides : (1) ability to adjust sound frequency and sensitivity; (2) full range automatic ground balance; (3) trash rejection; (4) "Silent" mode with two tone indication of the type of metal found, and (5) amplification of the received signal (Boost mode) that increases detection depth up to 20%.



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